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Adidas v Nike – Different Strokes

Having spent the last few months “on the road” I have found myself in many retailers discussing the trade in general and, in particular, the changing fortunes of “the big two” – Nike and adidas. Whilst Nike were recently reporting revenues up 15% to $7.4 billion, adidas Chief Executive Herbert Hanier was admitting “We had […]

Upselling sporting goods

I don’t know why, but in recent weeks I seem to be having more and more conversations with sports retailers about “checkout candy”. Maybe its because many are online and understand the concept but for those of you that don’t, let me explain. Put simply the phrase refers to “temptation at the checkout”. You know […]

Grow your profits in 2015

Make more money,save more money, be more competitive For many business the start of the year is the time to take a look back at the previous year and begin to plan for the new year ahead. Inevitably part of this process will involve a “look at the books” and, more importantly, a review of […]

Are adidas on track for Route 2015?

Route 2015 In November 2010 adidas unveiled a business plan that the brand hoped would make it the biggest sports manufacturing company in the world by 2015.

Called Route 2015, the plan aimed to grow adidas Group business by between 45-50 per cent by 2015 to €17billion. Based on the group’s strong brands, premium products, extensive global […]

Take your club and school supply business in a new direction

For many sports retailers, selling to local teams/clubs is a critical element of their overall revenues. Historically these retailers have used traditional methods to connect with, and service, clubs however technological advances are now enabling them to service these clubs more effectively, more efficiently and, importantly are opening up incremental business opportunities. Ecommerce Perhaps the […]

Is it really all about price?

In my day to day discussions with brand clients, sports retailers and the sales team price is often discussed. That is the selling price to both the customer and the end consumer. We live in such a transparent world that to find the latest price on an item is now as simple as one google […]

European Sporting Goods Trends – 2015 and beyond

The European Market The 27 countries of Europe form a common market with a combined population of over 500 million people. In reality, there are 27 different cultures, national purchasing idiosyncrasies and differing living styles that make it difficult to develop an integrated strategy across Europe as a whole. However, despite these issues, there are […]